Fundamental principles 

Naturally, every child is curious and eager to learn. Our employees get to know the children by carefully observing and by listening to them. Through an observatory system we determine the child’s well-being. Our fundamental principles in our work with the children are: 

  • We make sure that every child feels safe and secure
  • We respect every child’s personality
  • We give every child leeway to explore the world, try new things and gain new experiences. 

Day care groups: learning from each other
Children learn from each other when they are together in groups. They learn to for example: have discussions, reconcile, make friends, have fun together (outside), wait for each other, deal with small accidents, eat together, go on adventure together and they get to know another child’s fantasy games. The children are challenged to keep on developing (this due to the guidance of the activities) and to explore the world in their own way.

Pedagogical policy
All of the experiences are explained in detail in SKK’s pedagogical policy. This pedagogical policy complies with the four main pedagogical targets named in Wet Kinderopvang
(Dutch legislation dealing with regulations concerning child (day) care):

  • Emotional freedom
  • Personal competences 
  • Social competences
  • Conveyance of norms and values

The pedagogical policy is evaluated on a yearly basis. The teams as well as the parents’ committees of every location are involved at the annual evaluation. 

Nutritional policy
A diverse selection of healthy food is considered as very important. Every child is expected to have had breakfast before arriving at one of our locations. The ‘Schijf van Vijf van het Voedingscentrum’ (Dutch name for food pyramid) is kept in mind every time we decide on our meals, also we follow the guidelines set up by child consultation clinics.  

At day care ‘Marijke’ and ‘Skippy’ we offer a choice between a bread-based meal and a hot meal, if parents prefer the latter they are welcome to communicate this with our employees. In our opinion it is of importance that food is presented on a plate or in a bowl in a convivial atmosphere. We eat at set times in our daily schedule so that the children know what to expect when they are at one of our locations. We always try to provide for wholegrain foods and we always spread the table before we eat. Our pedagogical workers will give a correct example of how to eat and behave, they will eat together with the children and they will make sure that the atmosphere at the table is pleasant and that the children take their time to finish their meal. Our employees will stimulate the children to, if they are ready to do so, independently eat and/ or prepare their bread-based meals themselves. The children can find a great selection of foods (i.e. pieces of cucumber, tomatoes, sausage, crackers etc.) and spreads (savoury and non-savoury) at the table. During the day, the children are also offered a glass of milk, cup of tea and/ or a glass of water with added ‘diksap’ (fruit reduction) or ‘Roosvicee’. 

Switching days/ additional days
Parents can file a request to switch the fixed day-care-days, this can be done by mail. The switch may be requested two weeks before the actual date(s). The switch can not be made with retroactive effect. Besides filing for a switch in dates, an extra day can also be requested by sending an email to our location. If your child can not join his or her regular day care (because we may have reached the limit of children on that particular day), he or she may (with your consent) join another location nearby. For this consent you need to fill in our form of consent. 


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