Assured quality

SKK operates in accordance with HKZ norms (Harmonisatie Kwaliteitsbeoordeling in de Zorgsector).
The independent and reliable HKZ label stands for sustainable improvement of quality in healthcare and welfare sectors. This means that:

  •  The internal corporation is well-organized, every method of working and agreement is described in a digital quality manual.
  •  Parents and children are of uttermost importance, there are clear instructions about guiding and taking care of the children.
  • Pedagogical workers observe the children on a regular basis, each year the results of these observations are being discussed with the parents.
  •  We continuously work on improving our services; we regularly have a client satisfaction survey performed and we discuss your experiences and wishes.
  • Safety is always on our mind. Evacuation exercises, risk inventory and evaluation, hygiene-related regulations and a well-trained emergency response teams are a few examples of our safety measures.
  • The Area Health Authority (GGD), fire brigade and internal audits perform checks throughout the year to ensure that the high standards are met.
    Every employee works with an Ipad through which they can keep in touch with parents and access every policy, instruction and protocol. 

NCKO quality monitor
Every pedagogical worker attends a yearly training. This training mainly focusses on the pedagogical skills of employees and this is one of the ways named in the pedagogical policy document in which SKK aims at improving pedagogical quality.
Apart from the annual trainings, the NCKO (Dutch Consortium Child-day-care Research) monitor is being used. This instrument (with video-interaction) targets 6 interactive skills: 

  •  Sensitive responsiveness (interests, detections, safe havens)
  • Respecting autonomy (space-giving, independent choices, negotiation, appreciation)
  • Providing structure and boundaries (making clear, organizing, being an effective group leader)
  • Talking and explain (having conversations, asking open questions, supporting actions verbally)
  • Stimulating development (training motor, language and cognitive skills)
  • Guiding interactions between children (giving positive feedback and actively stimulating interactions) 

A certified trainer videotapes the interaction between the children and the pedagogical worker to test whether the employee achieves to meet the 6 interactive skills. Together with the pedagogical workers, the trainer watches the video and discusses his or her feedback.
Examples of discussion topics: 
How do I give attention to every child in a big group?
How can I improve on supporting my actions verbally?
How can I maintain structure without forgetting to respect a child’s autonomy?

GGD (Area Health Authority) inspection results
The Area Health Authority is responsible for checking the quality of childcare organisations. You can view the results of inspection via the links below. 

National Register GGD

What do parents think about us?
SKK has regular personal satisfaction surveys performed with the parents, the results are communicated with all of the parents in our newsletters.
The responses to our questions can be read here:
For Kinderdagverblijf Marijke: Beste kinderdagverblijf
For Kinderdagverblijf Skippy:
Beste kinderdagverblijf

Drug procurement
Sometimes children are prescribed to use certain drugs. At our facilities we only give the drugs when a form of consent is filled in and a general practitioner or other kind of official doctor has prescribed the particular drugs. The pedagogical workers may not accept a parent’s request to give a child paracetamol in case of fever because this might suppress other symptoms of other illnesses (i.e. meningitis) 

Qualitiy mark of Child abuse reporting code
SKK has a quality mark. This means that we are member of a corporation of recognition of child abuse. SKK uses the ‘Meldcode Kindermishandeling’, our employees must follow certain guidelines when any kind of child abuse is suspected. The reporting code is a phased plan on how to deal with signals indicating (domestic) violence and/ or child abuse. (by relatives, co-workers etc.)

Parents’ committee
Every location of SKK has a parents’ committee which critically examines the running of the location and regularly consults with the manager. The tasks and authority of the parents’ committee can be read in the ‘reglement oudercommissie’ document which can be requested from the manager.

Complaints procedures
SKK has implemented internal and external complaints procedures.
If a parent has a complaint, they can discuss this problem with the pedagogical worker. After this they can fill in an internal complaint form together.
The parent may also choose to use the external complaint form directly, you can find a link to the complaint form of the ‘Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang’ in the implemented procedures. More information on

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