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Full day care for 0 to 4 years old

Daycare Skippy

  • Beautiful, historical building in the centre of Kralingen
  • Warm and homely atmosphere which is small in scale
  • Hot meals every day!
  • A ‘baby balcony’ and a beautiful garden
  • 4 groups

Opening hours from 7.00 till 18.30


Daycare Skippy

Vredehofweg 25
3062 EK Rotterdam
010 4526276

LRK-number I: 961976287

Parents Committee

Mirjam Bloem

Mirjam Bloem



There are 4 full-day care groups for 0- to 4-year-olds at day care ‘Skippy’; two baby groups (0 – 2 years) and two toddler groups (2 – 4 years).
Staff: Twelve pedagogical workers, a housekeeper and a manager.

Hot meals
At day care ‘Skippy’ we offer a choice between a bread-based meal and a hot meal, if parents prefer the latter they are welcome to communicate this with our employees. The advantages of hot meals are that the children get many healthy nutrients and the parents experience less stress at the end of the day. 

In the centre of Kralingen, close to Kralingse bos
Day care Skippy is situated at Vredehofweg in the centre of Kralingen, close to many (primary) schools and Kralingse forest (which is a great place to go on field trips to).

Warm and homely atmosphere in a beautiful, historical building
This small-scaled day care is located in a unique historical building. In the Autumn of 2012 the building was renovated thoroughly, a lot of care and consideration was put in to make it a light building with many options to keep a close eye on the children. We also found it very important to create a homely atmosphere and to have a shared kitchen.

A ‘baby balcony’ and a beautiful garden
Both baby groups, situated on the first floor, have access to two bedrooms and a roof terrace. The toddler groups, located on ground level, both have an elevated playhouse and can easily get to the adventure garden; this big, green garden contains a vegetable garden and many places to play and discover new things.

Activity counsellor for 3+ year-olds
SKK has an activity counsellor for every child who is three years old or older, her goal is to prepare the children for primary school. The activity counsellor uses pre-school methods which complement the themes used by our organization, she also works in small groups with the children to stimulate social, motor and cognitive development. Repetitive themes are: contradictions, counting, comparisons, etc. After the activities the activity counsellor writes a report for the parents about what their children have learned that particular day. 

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3) Parent

Stichting Kinderopvang Kralingen

Oostzeedijk beneden 41a
Postbus 4438
3006 AK Rotterdam

+31 (0)10 240 00 92(ma t/m do 9:00 tot 17:00 uur)

Opening hours

‘Skippy’ is open all year round excluding public holidays.  The regular opening hours are 7:45 until 17:45, however it is possible to extend these times:

Arrangement A: from 7:45 until 17:45
Arrangement B: from 7:45 until 18:30
Arrangement C: from 7:00 until 17:45
Arrangement D: from 7:00 until 18:30

Daycare center Skippy will not be open on the following dates in 2020:
New Years day, wednesday January 1, 2020
Easter, Monday April 13, 2020
Kingsday, monday april 27, 2020
Liberation Day, Tuesday may 5, 2020
Ascension Day, Thursday May 21, 2020
Whit Monday, Monday June 1,  2020
Policy day, Friday October 9, 2020
Christmas evening, Thursday December 24,  2020, we close at 4 pm
Christmas Day, Friday December 25, 2020
New Year's eve, Thursday December 31, 2020, we close at 4 pm

Friday October 9, 2020 all our locations are closed: annual policy day!


Rates (2019) at ‘Skippy’, including diapers and a bread-based meal, are € 8,40 an hour and with a hot meal instead of a bread-based meal we charge: €8,65
Click here for a complete overview of prices and arrangements for full-day care.

Childcare benefits
Childcare benefits can be claimed via www.toeslagen.nl, for this you need day care Skippy’s LRK number: 961976287

Need help?
If you need help with claiming childcare benefits, you can make an appointment with Natasja Knappert 010-2409424.


Daycare center Skippy has 4 horizontal groups. Groups classified by age.

Floddertje | 0 - 2 years

010 2125333

Pippeloentje | 0 - 2 years

010 4524420

Abeltje | 2 - 4 years

010 4524263

Otje | 2 - 4 years

010 4524257

Ida van Linschoten

“Gaining new experiences ”

Skippy is an exemplary day care in my opinion. It is located in a beautiful location which has a so-called ‘baby balcony’ and a big garden in which the children can discover and play a lot. The children can play with for example water and sand and the garden is also the perfect play hide and seek in. We work with various themes throughout the year and with this we always aim to let the children gain new and fun experiences.

Ida van Linschoten, Pedagogical Worker

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